216pcs 5mm Electroplating Bucky Balls Magic Magnetic Stress Relief Balls

216pcs 5mm Electroplating Bucky Balls Magic Magnetic Stress Relief Balls
216pcs 5mm Electroplating Bucky Balls Magic Magnetic Stress Relief Balls
Brand: OEM
  • Material: NdFeB.
  • Size: 3mm.
  • Magnetism can be delivered through metal.
  • Creative desk toys for you to relieve stress and develop intelligence.
  • Endless combinations. Not easy but up to your patience and creativeness.
  • Portable for travelling and having fun with friends.
  • Small parts. Not suitable for children under 14 years.
Product SKU: OTR-016
Size (length*width*height): 6cm x 6cm x 6cm
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Price: RM35.00

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The role of education.Train your geomatric and mathematic intuitive perception easily by using magnetic ball.Due to magnetic ball need stronger spatial imagination, so it can help to train your imagination.
Improve Creatiity.Every day, every enviroment, we need to learn to adapt.Magnetic ball would let you free to use your imagination and create different model randomly.
Feature for magnetic ball is you can almost fully controlled.
You can control it in any surface, the model you create will be as nice as you imagine.

Product Spesifications
Magnetic Ball Size : Diameter 3mm - 5 mm
Magnetic Size : Standard N33 Magnetic Material
Magnetic Ball Colour : Silver, 6 Colour Mix
Coating Thickness : Three Layers Coating, Very Wear Resistant
Packing : Isolation Magnetic With Iron Box
Magnetic Ball Feature : Magic ball was charm is because they can slide naturally under the magnetic force affect.Fine and smooth on pulling each other and irresistible of adsorption make magnetic interact with your finger as if there is life!
You could make an unrestrained model.

Product Feature
Magnetic ball, constitube by 216 pieces single strong magnet, magnetic ball can form into many different shape, but some maybe you never recognized because you are the creater.
Magnetiic ball can provide you a few hour entertainment, which means magnetic ball could attract you to play again and again.
When you are satisfying to assemble the ball in shape one by one, you would use your whole life time in trying to build an different model.

Warm Reminder
-KEEP OUT OF REACH OF CHILDREN.Due to magnetic ball is belong to small magnetic particles, keep away for kids under age 14.
-Ingestion and inhalation hazard.Ingestion or inhalation may cause unjury or death.Seek immedaite medical attention if magnets are swallowed or inhaled.
-Magnetic media and electronics hazard.Never touch close to electronic product.It could damage electronic medical instrument and also storage data for credit/debit card, electronic devices, etc.

  • 1 x 216pcs 3mm Electroplating Bucky Balls Magic Magnetic Stress Relief Balls

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